The 10 Best Smokeless Ashtray to Buy in 2018

Have you ever heard of a smokeless ashtray?

If not, that’s okay. It’s a fairly new concept, but one that is taking the smokers market by storm.

A well-made smokeless ashtray can provide the convenience of smoking inside while eliminating the lingering “smoker-smell” of burnt tobacco.

It’s a product that saves you both time and money.

Now that you know smokeless ashtrays exist, we're sure you’re wondering which one you should buy. A smokeless ashtray should be affordable, have an attractive design, and, most importantly, work!

So, in these next few sections, we’ll be looking at some of the best smokeless ashtrays available. We’ll be comparing a variety of ashtray products, such as the Holmes smoker grabber, a carbon filtered, and an ionic ashtray.

Should you purchase a portable smoke eater, cigar smoke eater, or an automotive ashtray?

Do Smokeless Ashtrays Really Work?

That is a valid question. Why should you purchase a smokeless ashtray when you could simply buy a humidifier?

Well, ashtrays are smaller and more storable than any common humidifier.

While high-end humidifiers may be more effective at filtering secondhand smoke, they also require more energy than smokeless ashtrays.

That being said, there are two types of smokeless ashtrays: Carbon filtered and ionic.

Carbon Filtered

Carbon filtered ashtrays utilize 1-2 internal fans which suck air from cigarettes and cleanses it with an internal filter. It then releases the now odor-less and chemical-free air back into your home. To work, simply place the cigarette in the ashtray.

This means that they work less successfully on secondhand smoke. Also, carbon filters need replacing every 40 days to keep your smokeless ashtray in tip-top condition.

Ionic Ashtrays

Designed with revolutionary technology, ionic ashtrays work by generating negative ions that stick to smoke particles. The negatively charged smoke particles attract to the positively charged inside of the unit, which prevents odor from escaping.

Excess negative ions escape into the air and attach to secondhand smoke leaving your home fresh and clean.

Ionic ashtrays are newer and more expensive than carbon filtered smokeless ashtrays. Nevertheless, Ionic ashtrays don’t require filters and some use USB cables to charge. They are, however, less effective in windy, breezy conditions.

Best Smokeless Ashtray Reviews 2018

Here’s a quick comparison of some of the best smokeless ashtrays currently available. Like any normal home ashtray, smokeless ashtrays typically are small and lightweight. Some require batteries to work, while others use USP cables or extension cords.

Below is the table which shows the top 6 smokeless ashtrays 2018. Each smokeless ashtray is chosen by our specialist reviewers.

Smokeless Astray nameDimensionsEnergy TypeManufacturerWeight 
Smokeless Ashtray6 x 6 x 3.6 inches2 C batteriesGratefulbuys1 pound Check Price
Holmes Smoke
(Editor’s Choice)
6.5 x 4.3 x 6.1 inches2 D batteriesHolmes1.2 pounds Check Price
World's Best Smokeless Ashtray6 x 5.9 x 3.2 inches2 C batteriesGratefulbuys0.9 pounds Check Price
Newness Stainless Steel
(Editor’s Choice)
4.1 x 4.1 x 2.2 inchesN/SNewness Ongoing0.15 pounds Check Price

The Big Ant Portable smokeless ashtray for cars is available at almost any car parts retail. Utilizing a vibrant LED light, it can double as a lantern to help guide your cigarette to the ashtray’s cup.

Equipped with two buckle straps, it can attach anywhere in your car, home, or business.

It's thick, metallic lid securely latches and works with the snuffer to prevent intense cigarette odor from escaping.

The VIMVIP smokeless ashtray for cars is portable, yet chic with a lightweight design and a fancy, built-in blue LED light. Sturdy and compact, this ashtray can attach to your cars vent or slip into the cup holder for quick access.

The vibrant LED light also works as a light during late night drives. Utilizing a snuffer holder and a mix of both stainless steel and plastic, it’s really very easy to maintain.

Just rinse out the inside with a stream of water whenever it becomes full. The LED light should last months without care or maintenance.

Durable, yet compact, this purifier releases negative ions that stick to odor and chemical particles in cigarette smoke.

It then attracts to the positive ions around your car, leaving the air fresher and cleaner than before.

To use, simply insert the Earth Air purifier into the cigarette socket and let it get to work. FCC and CE certified it excels at eliminating not only smoke but also allergens and odor from your car.

The Zone Tech smokeless ashtray is a perfect choice for your car. It comes with a vibrant blue LED light and an internal diffuser.

The diffuser works by suctioning and purifying smoke to leave your car odorless and chemical-free. Its lid is removable for easy cleaning and can also close firmly to keep ash from slipping out.

This smokeless ashtray is a lightweight, affordable, and elegant option for any cigarette smoker.

5. WINOMO Smokeless ashtray - Auto Car

Designed with a sleek fireproof plastic alloy, the WINOMO smokeless ashtray is both attractive and durable. With a built-in LED light, it’s usable during both the night and day.

With an upper diameter of 3.5 inches and lower of 2.28 inches, it can easily fit in your cup holder.

Its lid and snuffer prevents smoke and cigarette odor from slipping into your car. It’s perfect for protecting your car seats, carpets, and upholstery.

The Holmes Smoke Grabber is by far one of the best ashtrays for smokers currently available on the market. Equipped with a removable dishwasher-safe tray and multi-layer carbon filters, this personal item is guaranteed to keep your house smoke-free.

It’s powered by two D batteries which are affordable and purchasable anywhere. Sturdy and versatile, it can effectively filter both cigarette and cigar smoke.

At 1.2 pounds, this smokeless ashtray is portable and storable anywhere in your home, business, or car.

The Rusticity Wood Ashtray is elegant, efficient, and guaranteed to last you years of use. Crafted by rural artisans, this brass ashtray boasts intricate, oriental designs carved into a termite-proof material called Indian Rosewood.

Easy to move and store, it contains a gorgeous gold-imitation lining that supports its overall, rustic theme.

If you’re looking to impress your friends and family, Rusticity’s Ashtray is a wonderful choice that will complement your home.

Teagas 5.5" Round Original Wooden Cigarette Ashtray

Continuing with the rustic theme, Teagas’s ashtray is designed to look and feel like wood. That’s because the top and bottom layers are made of natural bark.

The tray, itself, is covered in a fine coating of lacquer and insect-repellant to preserve it in a like-new state.

Compact and light, it’s great for both outdoor and indoor smoking, as well as, cigarettes and cigars. It provides a simple, rustic feel to homes and businesses that can be appreciated by anyone.

Best Cigar Ashtray

Mantello Cigar Ashtray

Mantello Cigar Ashtrays have four beds grooved into it on each side for simple use and access. Heat resistant and easy-to-clean, this ashtray is a wonderful addition to any home or business.

It also makes a great housewarming, birthday, or celebration gift for your friends or family. It can complement any setting with its jet black ceramic design that’s easy to clean and maintain.

The Mantello Cigar Ashtray is a functional and effective option for cigar smokers everywhere.

Prestige Import Group - Triangular Maple Lacquer 3 Cigar Ashtray

Made of dark maple wood, this cigar ashtray is small, classy, and affordable. Three cigar beds are grooved into the wood and are highlighted with black to provide a beautiful, attractive personal item.

It also contains a stainless steel casing that holds ash and can be easily cleaned and maintained.

The wood, itself, has been covered by lacquer to preserve its fresh, vibrant appearance. Overall, it’s an attractive ashtray that can complement your home while keeping it ash-free.

Best Cigar Ashtray Accessories

Mantello 25-50 Cigar Desktop Humidor Humidifier Royale

Capable of holding 25-50 cigars, Mantello’s desktop humidifier is a fancy accessory that can easily complement your home or office.

Its interior is made of authentic Spanish cedar that enhances the cigar’s flavor and acts as a natural humidifier.

The box is topped by tempered glass and contains solid brass hinges that add to its elegant appearance. It also has a thick coating of scratch-resistant felt that lines the units inside.

A hygrometer is set into the box’s front which helps to regulate the humidity levels inside. Overall, Mantello’s Humidor is an impressive unit.​

ALASKA BEAR® - Cigar Cutter Stainless Steel Guillotine

Alaska Bear’s Cigar Guillotine is easy to use and even easier to maintain. Its self-sharpening double blades are made of sleek, yet durable stainless steel.

Elegant and sturdy, the cigar cutter fits perfectly in the hand and provides a firm, tight grip.

The Alaska Bear Guillotine can cut cigars with sizes up to 60 gauges. It also comes with a nice gift bag for protecting and storing your cutters. It’s a wonderful gift for both friends and family.

Best Outdoor Ashtray for Home

DCI-DC Outdoor Ashtray

DCI-DC’s outdoor ashtray is windproof, rainproof, and features a small table for holding cigarette packs and lighters. The table is 15 inches in diameter and removable for easy cleaning.

The ashtray, itself, is 30 inches tall and weighs 8 pounds, the perfect weight, and height for an outdoor patio or bench.

White and designed with a Greek-like theme, this ashtray can complement any poolside location or porch. It also includes a removable top for dumping cigarette butts.

On its base, it has two tie-down rings that keep it from tipping over during windy days.

DCI-DC Outdoor Ashtray 42" tall/B005GKZ61M

This DCI-DC outdoor ashtray is designed with a heavy-duty plastic material that makes it waterproof, windproof, and portable. Standing at 42 inches tall, it saves you energy and effort in having to bend over to snuff out your cigarettes.

Its galvanized bucket is large and bulky enough to hold multiple cigarette butts, keeping your park, business, or home clean. Its 12-inch base can hold rocks and sand to keep it grounded. The ashtrays long neck snuffs out cigarettes, as well as, keeps smoke and ash from spreading.

Gratefulbuys Smokeless Ashtray

Gratefulbuys Smokeless Ashtray utilizes revolutionary Japanese technology to keep your home clean and smoke-free.

With a cube-like design, it features four grooved sides meant for holding cigarettes and cigars. Made of a heavy duty plastic material, it’s powered by two C batteries (not included).

Also, this is a carbon filtered smokeless ashtray which means that its carbon charcoal filters need replacing every 40 days. Gratefulbuys Smokeless Ashtray is compact and lightweight at one pound.

It’s easy to take and store at your home, work, or car. It also comes with eight auto-extinguishers that snuff out your cigarette and keeps smoke out of your house and car.

The Best Ashtray for Smokers

Holmes Smoke Grabber Ashtray HAP75-UC2

As we’ve already stated, Holmes Smoker Grabber Ashtray is one of the smokeless ashtrays for smokers. This includes both cigarettes and cigars.

Compact, lightweight, and portable, you can store it in your home, business, or car. Battery powered, it requires two D batteries to run and can hold both cigars and cigarettes.

Utilizing its multi-layered carbon filters, it purifies cigarette smoke and leaves your car and home fresh and odor-free.

To turn on, simply lift the unit’s lid and it should automatically start sucking. When you’re finished, close the lid securely to preserve battery power. To maintain and care for your smokeless ashtray, be sure to replace the filters every 40 days.

The removable tray is machine washable, so be sure to clean it whenever it gets full.

Gratefulbuys World’s Smokeless Ashtray

Gratefulbuys World is fairly similar to its processor.

Battery powered

It runs on two C batteries and requires carbon charcoal filters to purify cigarette smoke. It’s a bit larger than Gratefulbuys’ other smokeless ashtray and has seven, not six, ridges for cigarettes and cigars.

It has an on-off switch on its side, and while batteries aren’t included, it does come with two pre-installed filters.

Compact and durable

The filters are guaranteed to last up to 40 days. The manufacturer does recommend regularly cleaning out the unit’s ashtray to avoid wear and tear. To do this, simply open the lid and remove the ashtray from the devices main part. Then rinse and replace.

Gratefulbuys World’s Smokeless Ashtray comes with an internal fan that works quietly and efficiently to suck in smoke. This shouldn’t require maintenance or replacement parts.

Overall, this product is possibly one of the best ashtrays available for smokers currently available on the market.

Smokeless Ashtray - Wrapping it Up

It helps to look at smokeless ashtray reviews when choosing between products.

Keep in mind that smokeless ashtrays may require care and maintenance depending on their brand and type. However, most of the ashtrays listed in this article are cheap, affordable, and can be purchased on

Also, most smokeless ashtrays don’t come with a product warranty or protection plan.

When buying a smokeless ashtray, you should consider when and where you would use it. If you mostly smoke when you drive, consider purchasing a portable smoke eater or the WINOMO smokeless ashtray. If you smoke at home, then the Holmes Smoke Grabber may be what you’re looking for.

There are plenty of options for smokeless ashtrays: ionic ashtrays, automotive ashtrays, cigar smoke eater, and carbon filters.

You don’t have to choose just one. If you do decide to buy a smokeless ashtray, review and tell us how it works on

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