How to Replace the Belt on a Shark Vacuum Cleaner

Shark belt replacement is an important subject that any Shark vacuum cleaner own should know about.

That’s not saying that the Shark rotator belt often breaks. Rather in the event of breakage, you can save time and money on repairs if you simply fix it yourself.

Thankfully, fixing the Shark rotator belt is a quick, simple process. Even if you own a Shark Rotator or Shark Navigator, both are easy to take care of and maintain.

In fact, there are quite a few ways you can replace the belt on your vacuum without spending a dime.

What Do You Need Before You Start?

Many Shark vacuum cleaners come with a hand rotating brush for collecting fur, dander, and debris. The brush, itself, attaches to the cleaner head for better grip and functionality. Some of the newer versions of the best cordless shark vacuum cleaner features motorized rotating cleaner heads. These heads are incredibly efficient at getting into hard-to-reach spaces.

The motorized cleaner head relies on the Shark rotator belt to work. However, when the brush clogs, the belt may break.

In these next few sections, we’ll explain how you can easily replace your belt and fix your Shark rotator brush roll. Before we get started let’s collect our tools.

What you need:

-Flathead or Philips Screwdriver: You may need one or the other, depending on the type of vacuum.

-Disposable Hairbrush or Comb: This great for cleaning the built-up lint, dander, or string off your roller brush. This is extremely important because most likely the reason your Shark vacuum cleaners belt broke in the first place. If you don’t regularly clean your brush, then the belt may break again in the future.

-Scissors: Like the hairbrush or comb, scissors are necessary for cutting off strands of string, rubber bands, hair, yawn, etc.

-Pliers: This is also incredibly helpful for clearing dirt and fur from your Shark vacuum cleaner.

List of Steps

1. Prepare the Shark Vacuum Cleaner

The first thing you’ll need to do is prepare the Shark vacuum cleaner. You can do this by switching the vacuum off and unplugging it from its main electric power supply.

Next, you’ll want to lock the Shark vacuum cleaner in its upright position if it’s applicable. This will keep the hose or base from falling while upside down. Don’t forget to clean out the dust cup to keep from spillage and messes. Lay the vacuum horizontally on the ground for better access to the brush roller and the broken belt.

2. Unlatch the Roller Cover

What you’ll want to do next is remove or unlatch the roller cover to access the broken belt. Grab your flathead or Philips screwdriver and get started on the screws that are keeping the cover in place. You’ll want to screw in a counter-clockwise rotation. Depending on the unit, the screws and roller cover might not be visible or easy to find. It may be on the side of the motor head instead of the bottom.

Once you finish with the screws, simply take off the roller cover. Be careful not to force it open. If it’s jammed or refusing to come off, then look carefully at the cover. Sometimes there may be an extra screw in the middle or top of the cover.

Some Shark vacuum cleaners have an electric connection that hangs behind the roller cover. It may prevent access to the brush unit’s body where the broken belt is. If you run into one of these, then simply unplug the electric connection. Don’t be afraid of breaking it or making the situation worse. You can easily reconnect the electric connection after you’re done.

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3. Take Out the Roller

The next step is to remove the roller. This and the broken belt should be visible to you once the roller cover is taken off. The belt may be worn, thin with jagged teeth. To get to the belt, you’ll need to take out the roller. To take out the roller, grab the roller at the farthest point from the belt and lift it out of the holder. Then slip the belt off the other end of the roller. If it’s not broken, then the belt should also be attached to the motor shaft. Just slip the belt off that, as well.

4. Clean the Brush and Roller Head

This next step is extremely important but often forgotten. Since the roller brush is no longer trapped in the motor head, take this opportunity to clean it. Use the hairbrush, comb, scissors, or pliers to get as much built-up string, fur, and dirt off as possible. Most likely the belt broke due to a build-up of debris and dirt.

This will help your new belt to last longer and work better. You can also take this chance to clean out the roller head. Again, this helps to prevent build-up and better maintain and care for your vacuum .

5. Replace the Belt

Now it’s time to replace the belt. To do this, simply slip the new belt onto the drive shaft and the seat. Then, slide the belt back onto the roller.

Make sure that the new belt falls into the plastic guides so that it won’t slip during vacuuming. After this, simply insert the roller back into the shaft and you’re all done.

6. Reassemble Your Shark Vacuum Cleaner

Now that you’ve replaced the belt and reinserted the roller, it’s time to reassemble your Shark vacuum cleaner. If you’ve unplugged the electric connection, simply re-plug it.

Then insert the roller cover back into place and re-screw the screws using the Philips screwdriver or flat head. Make sure that you do this in a clockwise rotation. After the screws are firmly in place, then stand your vacuum up and start vacuuming.

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Now that you know how to change the rotator belt in your Shark vacuum cleaner, I encourage you to try it yourself. Don’t feel intimidated or worried about making a mistake and breaking your Shark vacuum cleaner even more. Shark vacuum cleaners, such as the Shark navigator and the Shark rotator are very durable. Luckily, the brush roll’s belt is easy to replace. I recommend that you save yourself the time and money by simply fixing it yourself.

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