The Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair Of 2018

I’m sure that of us who are pet owners can agree on one thing, and that is there’s nothing worse than pet hair all over your house. Truly, dog hair is persistent and long, but cats leave just as much mess, and they both cause an allergy. However, cleaning pet hair is hard but not impossible and we may have a perfect solution to this common problem among pet owners.

How to clean a carpet and floor from pet hair?

We have a list of best shark vacuum for pet hair 2018 and choosing one of them is the best thing you can do to remove pet hair. Regardless of whether you’re looking to clean pet hair from carpet or floor, Shark vacuum will do the job. Without further ado, continue reading if you want to find the best Shark vacuum for cleaning pet hair.

Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair Of 2018

Understandably, we’re always looking for a bagless vacuum for convenience. In addition, it’s important that it features a power brush that can pick up all the annoying pet hair.

Still, we understand that buying a vacuum cleaner for pet hair can be a little overwhelming since the market is filled with different models. For this reason, we’ve come up with this list of top solid carpet cleaners 2018 in order to help you choose one that works the best for you.

ModelDust Cup CapacityWeightFilterCord Length 
Shark Rotator NV7521.4 dry quarts15.4lbHEPA filter30 ft. Check Price
Shark Navigator Deluxe NV421 dry quart15lbN/ACordless Check Price
Shark Rotator Pro Complete NV552N/A15lbHEPA filterN/A Check Price
Shark Navigator NV356E2.2 dry quarts13.7lbHEPA filter25 ft. Check Price
Shark DuoClean HV382.91 dry quarts9.9lbN/A30 ft. Check Price
Shark Rocket Hand Vac HV292N/A3.7lbWashable filters15 ft. Check Price

As you can see, every Shark vacuum features all the best specifications needed to remove pet hair. Furthermore, it’s important to note that Shark vacuum weighs just enough to make it easy to transport. In addition, each of these models feature just the right accessories to remove dog hair, or hair left after your cats.

Luckily, Shark vacuum is designed to last, and help battle allergies. Continue reading if you want to learn more about each Shark vacuum on our list. See why these are leading models in fighting pet hair as we review each Shark vacuum in detail.

1. Shark Rotator NV752 – Best For Allergy Prone Pet Owners


If you’re thinking of a classic Shark vacuum, this is the perfect model for everyone prone to pet hair allergies. Its spinning brushroll is what captures all the pet hair even from areas that are hard to reach. Also, this Shark vacuum features detachable canister for extraconvenience.

You’ll quickly notice its remarkable performance against any dust and debris on hard floor and carpet. The vacuum comes with tools designed especially for cats and dog hair such as Pet-Multi tool and TruePet motorized brush. Of course, these tools work on both hardwood floor and carpet.

Its controls are at fingers reach, which means you’ll easily reach its on/off button as well as switch from carpet to floor mode. If you have large rooms and areas to vacuum, you’ll appreciate the 30 ft. long power cord that’s featured. Finally, the vacuum features Anti-Allergen complete seal technology along with HEPA filtration that traps up to 99.9% of dust, pet hair, and bacteria that causes allergies.

Apparently, the only critic that users had was the fact that there’s no better storage for extra parts. More precisely, the vacuum comes with a bag that parts are hard to fit in. Also, some people find it hard to change from one tool to another.

Still, keep in mind that you should just give yourself some time to get used to this vacuum. We’re sure that interchanging parts becomes easier with time.

  • Spinning brushroll
  • Ideal for allergy prone people
  • Features HEPA filter
  • Easy to use
  • Extra tools are a little tricky to change

At last, if you’re someone who’s prone to allergies and trying to get rid of pet hair, this is what you need. This Shark vacuum does a great job on every floor, which is always a plus. Plus, it cleans hard floor as well as any carpet. For that reason, we recommend it if you want no more of dog hair or any persistent hair that cats shred.

2. Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 – Best For Extended Cleaning


If you own a large home, or simply have a lot of pet hair to deal with, we recommend you opt for this Shark vacuum. Precisely, it provides extended cleaning so you don’t have to make any breaks during your cleaning. On that note, the vacuum features ongoing suction, which means it won’t ever loose suction like most vacuums do. Furthermore, the vacuum weighs only 15 pounds, and that guarantees ease of use and transport. Its dirt cup is released at the bottom and therefore, makes it easy for you to avoid any contact with the pet hair you’ve vacuumed.

Also, extra-large dust cup capacity adds to the extended use we’re talking about since you won’t have to empty it every 5 minutes. While it picks up dog hair with ease, this Shark vacuum also cleans all the small and persistent hair that cats owner experiences.In addition, you get a 5.5’’ crevice tool, a dusting brush and a wide pet upholstery tool to make sure you remove all the pet hair in your home. Finally, once you start your Shark NV42, you’ll see your floor and carpet change immediately thanks to its performance and ease of use.

People seem to be unhappy with the fact you have to press a button to switch from floor to carpet and vice versa. Unfortunately, the vacuum doesn’t automatically adjust to the change, and some people find pressing the button annoying. However, if you have same type of floor throughout your home, you won’t even notice this.

  • Extra-large dust cup
  • Lightweight
  • Great for extended cleaning
  • Comes with a useful set of attachments
  • Brushroll shut via button

As we said, we recommend this vacuum if you need more time to vacuum all the pet hair after your dogs or cats. Also, the vacuum is easy to use, lightweight and features a large dust cup. All of this makes it a good option for whoever has pets and all the mess that comes with them. Surely, the device isn’t perfect, but if you don’t mind its minor imperfections, you’ll be left with a great vacuum cleaner.

3. Shark Rotator Pro Complete NV552 – Lift-Away Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Here’s a Shark vacuum you’ll appreciate if you have stairs in your home. Simply, this device is extra lightweight and lift-away, which means you can easily pick it up and carry it. Of course, it’s upright and that immediately makes it more convenient that most of vacuum cleaners. In addition, its never loosing suction with the extra-large dust cup allows you to vacuum for a longer time. When it comes to allergies, you’re safe with this Shark vacuum because it features Anti-Allergen complete seal technology and HEPA filters.

More precisely, the vacuum gets rid of 99.9% of pet hair, dust and debris. It’s important that we mention that swivel steering is also featured, which provides ease of use and vacuuming both floor and carpet. Conveniently, this vacuum is quiet and therefore, it won’t bother your kids or your pets. Finally, the vacuum features headlights, brushroll shut off, Dust-away attachment for hard floor, upholstery tool, premium pet power brush, canister caddy and multi-angle dust brush.

Keep in mind that you can only use main brushroll when you’re using the device as upright vacuum. When your vacuum is in the lift-away mode, you can’t use this brush. As expected, most customers aren’t pleased with this. In addition, many customers said how their brush got tangled with hair rather quickly. Normally, this is .an upsetting issue and to avoid it, you should clean your brush after each time you vacuum.

  • Many useful tools and features
  • Upright and lift-away
  • Lightweight and quiet
  • Features two HEPA filters
  • Main brush only for upright mode
  • Must clean brush after each use

No doubt, it’s a convenient and useful vacuum cleaner if you have many pets and their persistent hair to deal with. In addition, it’s lightweight and fairly easy to use. In our opinion, you should choose this Shark vacuum if you’re looking for something to do a good job in the least amount of time. However, consider its cons prior purchase.

4. Shark Navigator NV356E – Best For Bare Floor


If you’re someone who has no carpet in their home, this Shark vacuum is all you need. It features dust-away floor attachment and 2 microfiber pads that are washable. For this reason, this vacuum cleaner is one of the best to fight large dog hair and dust from hardwood floors. Check out our complete list of best vacuum for hardwood floors.

We’re talking about a lift-away vacuum, which means you can easily lift away the canister and clean all areas that are hard to reach. It’s 25 ft. power cord makes a great difference in performance, especially if you have a large home. We all know how annoying it is to have to unplug the vacuum multiple times. No doubt, lift-away and upright vacuums are one of the most convenient vacuum cleaners on the market.

Also, Shark did a great job at making this vacuum cleaner great for everyone who is prone to allergies. You know, when you have a lot of pet hair in your home, it can be hard on people who suffer from any allergies. Therefore, note that this vacuum features HEPA filter and Anti-Allergen complete seal technology. In other words, it picks up 99.9% of allergens, pet hair and dust. At last, there’s no better Shark vacuum for bare floors that’s lightweight and powerful at the same time.

Sadly, this vacuum features the same issue as the vacuum above, and its brush being clogged after only a few uses. Logically, if you’re vacuuming cat hair it probably won’t happen. However, large dog hair can easily clog the brush. Also, its brush width is rather small for most of people who purchased the vacuum. Still, keep in mind that this is only a con if you have large areas to vacuum and no tight and hard to reach spaces.

  • Ideal for bare floors
  • Anti-Allergen technology and HEPA filter
  • 2in1 vacuum cleaner
  • Brush clogs after some time
  • Small brush width

Of course, this is a good model if you’re looking for both upright and lift-away vacuum to clean your floors. No doubt, you get a solid set of attachments and remarkable Shark performance. In our opinion, there’s no reason not to like this vacuum cleaner if you regularly clean its brush and you don’t have large spaces to cover.

5. Shark DuoClean HV382 – Versatile And Convenient Shark Vacuum


The DuoClean technology makes this model something worth mentioning when talking about Shark vacuums. More precisely, the vacuum features a bristle brush that easily deep-cleans carpet from any dust, debris, and cat and dog hair. Also, it features a brushroll that’s softer and allows carpet cleaning to the floor. Surely, it’s important we mention that the vacuum is lightweight and can convert into a hand vac. When converted into a hand vacuum, it features only 4.6lbs, which makes it perfect for vacuuming any surfaces that are above floor. The vacuum features storage for brushrolls and that allows you easy access to all of them.

Another great feature is the hair removal tool, which means no more those long dog hair in your house. If you own a cat or a dog with short hair, worry not, because you also get a pet multi-tool that captures this kind of hair easily. In addition, its 30 ft. power cord makes it easy to reach all the areas of your house without having to unplug the vacuum cleaner all the time. To summarize, you also get a duster crevice tool, wall mount storage hook and an upholstery tool. Conveniently, the floor nozzle features LED lights that make vacuuming with this model even easier.

Interestingly, none of the customers had anything bad to say about the way this vacuum performs. However, most are unhappy with the overall design that makes the vacuum hard to operate with. More precisely, all the electronics are located on the handle of the vacuum cleaner. As you understand, this makes the vacuum difficult to use especially if you have back and neck problems or just don’t have that much strength in general.

  • Features led lights
  • Converts into a hand vacuum
  • Features DuoClean technology
  • Convenient list of attachments
  • Bulky design

Truth to be told, there’s nothing more convenient than a vacuum cleaner that converts into a hand vacuum. This way, you actually get two vacuum cleaners in one, which allows you to use the same device for your floors and furniture. With that said, it’s easy to understand why we’ve included this Shark vacuum in our list. Finally, it may be a little tricky to work with, but once you get a hold of it, we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do.

6. Shark Rocket Hand Vac HV292 – Best Hand Vacuum For Dog & Cat Hair.


Well, apart from the fact that it’s a hand vacuum, this Shark model features a few other specifications that make it convenient and powerful. For example, the vacuum weighs less than 4 pounds and you already know how important it is to have a lightweight hand vacuum. In addition, you’ll be able to do all kinds of deep cleaning thanks to its True Pet brush that’s motorized. The dust cup that’s featured is easy to empty with a simple touch of a button.

Now, we’re talking about a convenient 15 foot cord that makes it easy to vacuum cat and dog hair from anywhere in your house. Recharging isn’t needed, and you can finally vacuum the entire room without any trouble. Its powerful suction is always at its best, which is what allows you to clean all the dust, debris and pet hair. Finally, features and attachments you get are a dusting brush, TruePet motorized brush, 12’’ crevice too, and a stretch hose with extended reach.

Same as the Shark vacuum above, many people criticized this model’s design. More precisely, customers simply say it’s a little awkward to handle. Simply, its balance is strange and you may even need two hands to use it at times. Truth to be told, we aren’t sure why this is the case, but it’s certainly a little set back.

  • Convenient and lightweight
  • Easy to empty dust cup
  • 15 foot long power cord
  • Ideal for cat and dog hair on your furniture
  • Tricky to handle at times

If you need a hand vacuum for all the cat and dog hair, dust and debris on your furniture or stair, this is the perfect model to choose. In our opinion, its suction power makes up for the occasional trouble of use. Plus, you get a solid list of attachments to make vacuuming even easier, so you should consider that as well.

Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair: What To Look For?

Honestly, unless you know exactly the kind of vacuum cleaner you want, you may have some trouble choosing the right model. Don’t worry; this is quite normal especially if you’ve never bought a pet hair vacuum cleaner in your life. Simply, you may think you found the right vacuum cleaner for you, but then end up with a model that won’t do such a great job in your case. Luckily, we’re here to help avoid that. Keep in mind, every home is different, which means that pet hair may be harder to remove from one home than from another. For this reason, we bring you a little buyer’s guide to help you make up your mind about a vacuum cleaner to battle pet hair in your home. Here’s what you should look for when buying a vacuum cleaner for pet hair:

Performance And Functionality

The main thing about each of these vacuums is how well they perform in removing pet hair. Sure, some work best with short cat hair, while others do a better job on long dog hair. However, if your ultimate goal is to get rid of the hair, think about what you’re buying. In our experience, the best is to go for a vacuum that doesn’t lose suction and will perform well for a longer period of time. No doubt, attachments have a lot to do with performance since they can ease the pet hair removal in almost every case. Another thing you should pay attention is functionality of the vacuum cleaner. For example, make sure that your model features a dust cup that’s easy to empty, and a power cord that’s long enough. Finally, all of this is a matter of preference and one thing may work for someone else but won’t work in your case. For this reason, make sure to read the reviews carefully and think if the vacuum cleaner you want can perform what you need it to.


Clearly, noise is something many people are used to when it comes to vacuum cleaning. Actually, we’re so used to it that some people don’t even mind it anymore. However, there are exceptions. More precisely, if you have children, especially little kids, you may find noise an important factor to consider. In our opinion, noise is something we no longer have to deal with when vacuuming, especially in the case of these Shark models. Therefore, consider a model that makes less-than-average noise level to avoid that uncomfortable noise that can wake up even your neighbors. Finally, if you have a cat or a dog that’s afraid of the noise that vacuums make, consider getting a model that produces least noise. Not to mention how better this will be for your children, and everyone living in your house.

HEPA Air Quality

HEPA filtration is something we’ve seen a lot of in Shark vacuum cleaners. Simply, the feature is crucial to many people, and luckily, many Shark models have it. What HEPA filters do is they remove the dust and debris from your home, and as a result, your house features clean, fresh air that’s free of any allergens. Of course, it’s featured even in some models that feature canister. Keep in mind that the HEPA filter does require replacement every once in a while, but Shark always recommends the exact time you should replace your HEPA filter. This filtration system is quite important for pet owners because it removes all the tiny hairs, and bacteria that animals bring inside. Surely, we don’t have to mention how important it is for adults and children that are prone to allergies caused by dust or pet hair. Finally, HEPA filtration is easy to find in most Shark vacuums, and it should be something to always look for.


No doubt, you may think you found a perfect pet hair vacuum cleaner, but unless it features a good warranty deal, you shouldn’t buy it. Think about it, whenever you’re buying a house appliance or a tool, you’re always checking for warranty, and vacuum cleaner should be no exception. Luckily, Shark offers different warranty that goes up to 7 years. Surely, vacuum cleaner may work like a charm for years, but we suggest you don’t take chances in this matter. More precisely, warranty is a factor that can break a deal, in our opinion. Of course, it can also make a deal, too. Naturally, all things may need assistance at times, and you’re best to have Shark deal with your vacuum cleaner for best results.

Is There A Difference Between Dog And Cat Hair Removal?

This is something to think about if you have both cats and dogs. Simply, some animals have hair that’s longer than others, so it’s only logical that there’s difference in vacuuming them. If you own one pet with short hair and another with long, the best thing is to choose a vacuum cleaner that can vacuum both. The best way to make sure that your vacuum will pick up all hair is to choose the one with the longest list of useful attachments. These attachments make difference depending on what pet you have and how long its hair is. If you have a pet with long hair, we suggest you avoid motorized brushroll. Simply, this tool often gets clogged with long hairs, and for this reason, you should avoid it. However, if you have a cat that has short hair, that hair is probably more persistent than long hair. If this is the case, opt for a vacuum cleaner with strongest suction for best results.

Is It Safe To Let Children Play On The Floor After Vacuuming With Shark?

In most cases, Shark vacuum cleaners remove 99.9% of allergens, pet hair, dust and debris. Therefore, you can freely let your children play on the floor after you clean. Still, if you have pets you must know that your floors won’t stay free of pet hair for very long. Simply, pets shred all the time and you should consider that when you let your kids play on the floor. But, it is safe to let your kids on the floor once you clean with Shark vacuum cleaner because it literally picks up everything. Just in case, the best is to make sure to keep your pets away from the area your kids play at.

Are Shark Pet Hair Vacuums Good For Removing Stains?

No doubt, a vacuum cleaner that features powerful suction can definitely remove some stains. In some cases, you can treat the stain with a little soap and then vacuum it. This should provide desired results, but it’s something you shouldn’t always count on. Simply, a pet hair vacuum cleaner is designed to remove pet hair, and everything else is a ‘maybe’ thing. In other words, don’t expect a vacuum to remove stains such as those from wine.

There’s no set amount of time. Simply listen to your body and watch for aches and pains. If you feel unusually weak or suffer new, unusually intense muscle pains, then you might need to take a week off.

Typically, those who are new to inversion therapy should only do a few minutes a week. As your body adjusts and your muscles grow, you gradually add more time.


By now, we’re sure you chose a good Shark vacuum for pet hair that’s going to become your new cleaning ally. Of course, we’ve tried our best to test and review these Shark vacuum cleaners in order to bring the best verdict on their performance. As you can see, each of these vacuum cleaners work in a similar way, but do feature some crucial differences that make them versatile. Precisely, some models are good for short hairs, while others work better on long pet hairs.

Also, some are less noisy, or feature a longer power cord. At last, all is a matter of personal preference and what you’re looking for in a pet hair vacuum cleaner. However, we can guarantee that whatever model you choose, you’ll end up happy with the results. If you want any alternative, you can check our list of best vacuum for pet hair.

Do you own any of these Shark vacuum cleaners? Does your pet shred a lot? How often do you vacuum your floors and carpets? Please, feel free to join the discussion in the comment section down below.

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