The Best Kombucha Starter Kit Of 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

To be quite honest, it's anything but easy finding a good kombucha starter kit. The kombucha in whole foods tends to be very expensive. In addition, many brands sell it in questionable packaging and mixtures. If you want to fully benefit from kombucha, you must be careful about the quality.

However, it's possible to be sure of the quality of the kombucha you're using. If you're brewing it on your own, you'll have nothing to worry about. The biggest concern with the foods and ingredients we use is their origin. Brewing your own kombucha will give you a sense of security. Instead of wasting your money on the kombucha from whole foods, you can get a starter kit.

A kombucha starter kit has everything you need to produce homemade kombucha. This way, you'll be comfortable with brewing kombucha in no time. Continue reading to find some of the best kits.

Shopping Guide For Kombucha Starter Kit

Making your own kombucha at home may seem a little bit intimidating. However, there's no reason to feel that way. Even if you're completely new in this, you're probably aware of the numerous benefits it has. That alone is a reason enough to get your kombucha starter kit.

Since you can get kombucha at whole foods, you may be wondering why do you need a kombucha starter kit. Just like anything else, kombucha is the safest if you make it on your own. If you have a kombucha starter kit, you'll be aware of all ingredients and the entire process. Why spend more money on kombucha from whole foods? A good kombucha starter kit can last for years. Considering the price of kombucha from whole foods, just imagine how much you'll be saving.

The things you produce on your own are the most beneficial. This way you won't be having any doubts or second thoughts about consuming them. But, to be able to produce something, you must have the adequate equipment. In this section we'll regard some of the best kombucha starter kits. These kits are easy to use, and known to produce good results.

Kombucha Starter Kit 2018

Product NameWeightManufacturer 
Kombucha Brewing Kit
(Editor’s Choice)
3.2 poundsThe Kombucha Shop Check Price
Kombucha Brewing Starter Kit2.8 poundsKombucha Brewing Starter Kit Check Price
Continuous Kombucha BrewKit12 poundsGet Kombucha Check Price
Kombucha Starter Kit1.4 poundsCultures For Health Check Price
Superb Kombucha Tea Starter Kit
(Recipe Book Included)
4.6 poundsLeona Made Check Price
1 x Organic KombuchaScoby – Live Culture by ScobyKombucha3.2 ouncesScobyKombucha Check Price
Kombucha Brooklyn Home Brew Super Kit3.8 poundsKombucha Brooklyn Check Price

This starter kit has everything you need to make kombucha from scratch. It promises quick and easy usage and clear directions. This starter kit comes from the original kombucha shop. It offers all you need to start brewing as soon as you get it.


All the ingredients in this starter kit are of high quality. It's important to mention that the quality is what puts this starter kit in the first place. When it comes to the best starter kits for kombucha, this one takes the lead.

The ingredients you get in this starter kit for kombuchaare 100% organic. From kombucha culture to sugar and starter tea - the manufacturer chose everything cautiously. The starter kit also includes 15g of their unique TKS tea blend.

Besides the ingredients, you'll also get a glass brew jar in this starter kit for kombucha. With this thick glass brew jar you’ll be able to start brewing right away.

Another advantage of this starter kit for kombuchais that you’ll receive special pH test strips and a temperature gauge. These items will help you keep track of the process.

  • in this starter kit you’ll get original quality kombuchascoby which guarantees successful brewing
  • this starter kit comes with clear instructions; therefore it’s extremely easy to use
  • the starter kit for kombuchacomes with a thick glass brew jar so you can start the process immediately
  • perhaps there could be a larger quantity of ingredients in this starter kit for kombucha

2. Kombucha Brewing Starter Kit (Editor’s Choice)

This starter kit is another great option for beginners. If you have no experience with kombucha brewing, you’ll absolutely love this one. The straightforward instructions will make kombucha brewing a part of routine. Also, this starter kit offers more ingredients than most of the starter kits out there.

What this starter kit promises is the highest quality of kombucha. In addition, you’ll save a lot of money by not buying kombucha at whole foods.


A lot of other brands offer far less ingredients in their starter kits for kombucha. Something you’ll love about this particular starter kit for kombuchais that the package contains 120g of organic kombucha tea blend. This quantity is enough for making 80 bottles of kombucha tea with your starter kit for kombucha. Try doing the math and you’ll see how much money you can save this way.

The kombucha culture in this kombucha starter kit has 6.5 in diameter. This kind of kombucha is one of the largest living kombucha cultures in North America.

  • this starter kit offers 120g of organic tea blend
  • you can make 80 bottles of kombucha tea with this kombucha starter kit
  • it is extremely easy to use
  • the package doesn’t include a brewing jar

If written instructions aren’t exactly your cup of tea, you’ll love this starter kit. What makes it one of the best starter kits are step-by-step instructions with photos. It comes with a home brewer for the healthiest probiotic drinks.

One of the most important facts about it is that it is eco-friendly. All ingredient bags are biodegradable, while the package is recyclable. Also, the manufacturer uses soy-based ink for labels.

Everything you need for the first batch is already in the package. With this kombucha starter kit you’ll be able to have kombucha tea anytime you want. Of course, you’ll be saving tons of money.


To get the grip of the brewing process, you must have clear instructions. Since it can be pretty challenging to follow plain instructions, these ones contain images. This way you can follow the images step-by-step and repeat the action.

As one of the best kombucha starter kits, this one also provides quality ingredients. To brew your first batch, you’ll get a 1 gallon jar, and a brewing vessel. As far as ingredients, the package contains kombucha culture, organic cane sugar, and organic loose leaf tea.

Certain gadgets can ease the procedure and help you with the technique. For this portion of the job you’ll get a temperature gauge, as well as a reusable muslin cotton cloth cover.

  • an affordable kit among the best kombucha starter kits
  • the instructions contain images for easy managing of the brewing process
  • includes the accessories you need
  • although it’s affordable, it doesn’t offer the same level of quality as the other best kombucha starter kits

This starter kit for kombuchaclaims it’ll save both your time and money. The kit includes a 2.5-gallon brewer, and bottling is very easy. With its one-touch dispenser tap, you’ll bottle your kombucha tea effortlessly.

If you’re having trouble learning about kombucha, there are various online training videos by this manufacturer. Once you figure out how to make it, you’ll be able to produce 128 bottles of kombucha tea. This kombucha starter kit guarantees lifetime use, and refunds you if the kit fails you.


This starter kit for kombuchaincludes all organic ingredients. The porcelain brewing vessel is of highest quality. Also, you’ll get a wood brewer stand for even easier brewing.

The kombuchascoby culture in this kombucha starter kit comes with starter mother liquid. The whole-leaf tea blend and sugar in the package are enough for 4 gallons of tea. Another great addition to this kombucha starter kit are the bottles for flavoring.

The package also contains all the brewing accessories you could possibly need. There are pH testers, tea filter bags, covers, etc.

  • this kombucha starter kit includes all the brewing accessories you need to start brewing your own kombucha
  • the scoby culture comes with starter mother liquid
  • with this kombucha starter kit you can produce 128 bottles of kombucha tea
  • the price may be too high for some customers

5. Kombucha Starter Kit (Recipe Book Incuded)

The manufacturer states that this kombucha starter kit gives beginners a great opportunity to learn. Brewing can seem hard if you don’t have an adequate starter kit. It is far more affordable than the kombucha at whole foods. With this kombucha starter kit, you’ll be able to make as much tea as you wish. It produces probiotic-rich, healthy kombucha tea.


This kombucha starter kit offers 7 healthy hand-picked ingredients. The supplies include 1 scoby of kombucha tea starter culture, as well as 1 bag of organic cane sugar. Additionally, you’ll get 1 bottle of organic destilled white vinegar for the mixture, as well as 8 black tea bags.

An accessory which will make the process so much easier is a stick-on thermometer. The kombucha starter kit package also contains a butter muslin jar cover of 1 square yard. Finally, you’ll also get a vial of 25 pH strips. All these supplies and accessories can make brewing an everyday process.

  • includes 7 hand-picked ingredients
  • you get a stick-on thermometer to make sure the procedure is going smoothly
  • includes 25 pH strips
  • there’s no brewing jar in this kombucha starter kit

6. 1 x Organic Kombucha Scoby – Live Culture By Scoby Kombucha

This kombucha starter kit package comes with 100% organic kombuchascoby. For the best results, you should always gravitate towards organic ingredients. While the commercial kombucha doesn’t necessarily have to be organic, you can make it yourself. With the right ingredients, you’ll be able to replenish your body daily.

This kombucha kit provides a heat-sealed pouch. This kind of pouch prolongs and seals the freshness.


Let’s proceed to the inside of the package. The kit contains one kombuchascoby in the starter liquid. The liquid comes in a cup and takes up around ¼ of it. That liquid is extra-strong kombucha tea which may contain visible yeast and bacteria. This quantity is sufficient for two quarts of sweet tea.

The great thing about the liquid is that new scoby grows with each batch. This means that you’ll be able to produce even more tea as time goes by.

  • the scoby arrives in its starter liquid, so even more scoby can appear afterwards
  • comes with a heat-sealed pouch as a guarantee for freshness
  • the manufacturer warns of the possibility that the size and texture of scoby may vary in each of the packages

With the right kit for kombucha tea, you could develop the healthy habit of using kombucha daily. For this to happen, you must find the way to make the process as effortless as possible. This is exactly what Brooklyn Home kombucha starter kit has to offer. With it you can make your own probiotic tea, adding your favorite ingredients.

Home brewing can be confusing at times. A great thing about this manufacturer in particular is that they offer online support. There’s a forum and website where you can inform yourself and find the answers.


It’s crucial for the instructions to be understandable. Not only are there instructions you’ll have no trouble following, but a bonus access. The bonus access will take you to the Kombuchmanwho apparently can answer all your questions. In addition to those information sources, there’s a video instruction, as well.

The components contain a ½ gallon glass jar, as well as an organic cotton cover rubber band. For the mixture itself, there are blended fair trade, cane sugar, as well as organic tea.

  • an affordable kombucha starter kit
  • there are many sources of information in addition to clear instructions
  • contains the components you need to try out the home brewing technique
  • good for beginners, but not among some of the best kits for future more frequent use

The Big Book Of Kombucha: Enjoying The Health Benefits Of Fermented Tea

Yes, the instructions that follow each of the kits can break down the process for you. You’ll usually have the step-by-step instructions for every aspect. However, if you’d like to know more about the process itself, the Big Book of Kombucha has the answers.

Learn all about the kombucha itself, the fermenting process, and the flavoring. Most importantly, the author discusses numerous health benefits of kombucha. After reading this book, you’ll want to consume kombucha for the rest of your life.

Before investing in a kit, spend some time browsing through this book. It’ll also continue to be a great guide once you get your kit.


The book contains over 400 recipes, among which there are 268 flavor combinations. Kombucha doesn’t have to taste badly. As a matter of fact, it can become your favorite healthy beverage.

All the instructions come with illustrations which can help you visualize the process. The informative part also contains troubleshooting tips.

The recipes also contain ideas for different cocktails and even meals you can make with kombucha. You’ll learn to incorporate kombucha in every area of your kitchen.

Health Benefits Of Kombucha

Now, you may think why would you want to drink bacteria in the first place? And how could someone even like something that looks like that? Yes, it may look, smell, and taste a little funky in the beginning. However, once you learn to mix it with other ingredients, you won’t notice all those factors. If this still doesn’t convince you to give in to the kombucha trend, we know what will.

Here’s the deal: kombucha is one of the healthiest beverages you could possibly have. Although it’s a fairly new drink for us, it’s been around for 2000 years. To get kombucha tea, you mix black tea and a source of sugar. The good bacteria in kombucha create various beneficial nutrients, such as probiotics.

Do A Detox

You probably see detox tea all over the Internet. However, many of them tend to have a lot of unwanted ingredients. Kombucha tea is an organic, completely natural way to do a thorough detox. The great thing about kombucha is that you can brew it in your home. So, instead of buying detox products, try making a tea on your own.

Gain More Energy

Do you have those days when you just don’t feel like getting out of bed? It’s normal for every person to go through such stages. However, a continuous feeling of lack of energy can be a sign. Perhaps your diet wasn’t clean enough, or your body needs a healthy ‘fuel’. In that case, try kombucha tea. The presence of iron in kombucha tea will keep your energy level high.

Help Your Digestive System

If you have problems with digestion, kombucha will change your life forever. Kombucha tea contains a generous amount of beneficial probiotics. It can help you preserve and retain balance in your digestive system.

Great Addition To Your Immune System Protective Strategy

The benefits of kombucha for your immune system are endless. It revitalizes and protects the system in its entirety. It also contains vitamin C which is crucial in prevention. Kombucha tea also prevents cell damaging, and even prevents stomach cancer.

Lose Weight By Drinking Tea

You’re probably familiar with the benefits various teas have in the process of weight loss. Green tea, for instance, is a beverage many people will recommend. If you find this to be an appealing method, try kombucha tea. It increases weight loss by speeding up the metabolism. Additionally, it fights fat accumulation which is one of the biggest issues.

Even this deep into the article, you may still be wondering about certain things. In this section, we’ll provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

How To Make A Kombucha Starter?

To make your own kombucha starter, you’ll have to grow your own scoby. If this idea doesn’t intimidate you, there’s definitely a way to achieve it. To make your own scoby, you can mix kombucha, tea, and sugar. Of course, you’d have to use tea of your choice. The same applies to the sugar source choice.

Once you create the mixture, make sure to lock in and seal it. Otherwise, the unwanted bacteria will find its way in.

Keep in mind that getting a kombucha starter kit can save you a lot of time and trouble.

Where Can I Get A Scoby?

If you want to make your own scoby, the answer to the previous question answers this one, as well. You’ll have to make your own mixture and adjust the conditions. You have to seal the mixture, and keep it away from sunlight. Also, make sure to cover the jar you put the mixture in with a cloth.

If this process seems like too much work, simply order a kombucha starter kit. These kits contain everything you need to make kombucha tea.

What Is The Best Tea To Make Kombucha With?

The choice of ingredients will have a great impact on the quality of your kombucha tea. Since you want this tea to benefit your health, ingredients should be organic. Taking your time with the choice of ingredients will pay off in the long-run.

For beginners, the best tea to grow the scoby in is black tea. Once again, the organic component is extremely important. Black tea will create a safe, fertile environment for scoby to develop.

Also, don’t forget to add sugar as it is crucial for the fermentation.

Our Verdict & Recommendations

Each of the kombucha starter kits we mentioned can be a great start for any beginner. Most of them can even continue to be a customer’s favorite. Nevertheless, the most prominent out of all the kombucha starter kits is Kombucha Brewing Kit.

This particular kit promises 100% organic ingredients. The background and origin of the ingredients definitely decide the quality. Moreover, this kit contains every single accessory you need to start and maintain the brewing process. There’s a thick glass brew jar, as well as a vessel and a cotton cover. Obviously, everything you need is in this kit.

This starter kit provides the highest quality of scoby you’ll find on the market. The manufacturer promises successful fermentation every time you use it. Tea blend and cane sugar are also organic and of premium quality.

Wrapping Up

After all, you shouldn’t judge this beverage by its looks before trying a kombucha starter kit. Many things which are great for you don’t necessarily have to be the most appealing. Once you realize that you should put your health above everythingelse, you’ll love kombucha. You’ll appreciate the way it makes you feel, and the way it protects your immune system. It’s just a matter of time and habit.

If you’re curious enough, you’ll find great ways to incorporate it into your daily routine. As you could see, it is beneficial for you in more than one way. There’s a strong reason behind all this kombucha tea hype, and you should discover it.

Instead of buying kombucha at whole foods, give a starter kit a shot. Perhaps it doesn’t seem like you’ll love the process now, but it can be fun. At least you’ll be sure what’s in your drink.

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