Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub Carpet Cleaner Review

Are you looking for a home carpet cleaner vacuum?

If so, you’ve probably come across many different models. This can often lead you to wonder:

What carpet cleaner is right for me? What do I need to look for in a model?

Before looking any further, consider the Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub model.

This can help remove any stains from your home’s carpets.

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These stains can be caused by everything from your kid or pets. Regardless of the stains origins, this model will work to remove all of them no matter how tough they are.

This article will explain more about the Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub and why many consider it to be one of the best carpet cleaners on the market.


There are many features you should look for in a carpet cleaner. Below are more about these important features and how the SpinScrub Carpet Cleaner implements them.

Stain Removal

One of the most important things to look at in a carpet cleaner is its stain removal abilities. You don’t have to worry about stains being left behind with this model.

The SpinScrub Carpet Cleaner is one of the top carpet cleaners on the market because it works very well to remove stains. To do this, it uses a deep cleaning technique. The deep cleaning involves the carpet cleaner using its many brushes to get deeply into the carpeting to clean it.

These brushes move in different directions which helps to better remove them. This model can remove stains on everything from carpets to upholstery.

Besides the deep cleaning, it also uses a heated cleaning feature. This heated cleaning feature uses hot water and air when removing stains. The hot water will remove the stain while the hot air will blow on the area to dry it quickly.

You can press the button on the handle to send water and detergent out onto the surface. If you want to put extra detergent on the stain, you can use the Surge feature which will squirt out as much detergent as you need.

Water Extraction

Water extraction is another important feature for a carpet cleaner, and this model works well at it. The purpose of water extraction in a carpet cleaner is to suck up the water that the machine releases. This helps to prevent soaking wet surfaces and to remove the dirt from them.

The Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub uses dual tank technology. This dual tank technology means it contains a two tank system which will separate the clean water from the dirty water.

It can hold up to 1 gallon of water and it is easy to both empty and refill. You can also put the detergent needed for this model into this tank as well.

You don’t have to worry about overfilling the tank with water as there is a visible fill line that will help you.

It’s important that a carpet cleaner is able to extract all the water that it emits. The Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub works to quickly extract all water which is just one reason why it’s ideal to use.


Steam is a good feature to have in a carpet cleaner for many reasons. One is that it helps with the drying time. Many carpet cleaners often release too much water and don’t extract it all.

This can lead to a longer drying period and leave your surfaces very damp. Steam will help to quickly dry the surface so you don’t have to wait for a long time for it to dry. The SpinScrub Carpet Cleaner uses heated steam cleaning such as this. It releases steam after extracting the water it emits to help dry that surface quickly.

Another important reason that steam is crucial is that it helps to kill germs. If there are any germs living in your carpets and fabric, the steam is hot enough to destroy them. This also helps to prevent allergens that many germs can cause.

Overall, the SpinScrub Carpet Cleaner’s steam feature will work to not only quickly dry the surface you intend to wash, but kill any germs living in it as well.


The maneuverability of this carpet cleaner is good. It weighs about 20 lbs. so it isn’t overly heavy like many other carpet cleaner models. This helps make it easy to maneuver and use when cleaning. There is also a 20 ft. power cord which is long enough to let you easily move this carpet cleaner around. It also features a wide cleaning head which is easy to move.


Maintenance is an important feature to look at in a carpet cleaner. While its purpose is to clean surfaces, you also need to clean the carpet cleaner itself.

The Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub is very easy to maintain. It’s durable and its water tanks are simple to clean when you’re done using it. This is unlike many other carpet cleaner models which can often be difficult to clean and remove dirt from.


This carpet cleaner can be a little loud. This is caused by the 12 amp motor in it that runs quickly so the brushes can pick up any stains and remove water. While it might not be pleasant to have a loud running machine, just think of it as another way to show that it’s working powerfully to remove stains and water from your surfaces.


Not all carpet cleaners use detergent well when they’re cleaning, but the Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub does. The ability to use detergent is good for carpet cleaners as detergent will break down the dirt and other elements that are causing your surfaces to be dirty. However, not all carpet cleaners emit enough detergent to properly do this. This ends up leading to only a slightly clean surface. The SpinScrub Carpet Cleaner works to emit enough detergent into the surface you are cleaning so it can be properly cleaned.


This SpinScrub Carpet Cleaner has a very good performance in both removing stains and water. It performs especially well in removing stains. This model is powerful enough to remove many different types of heavy and deep stains in your carpeting or upholstery. Its 12 amp motor helps it to achieve this powerful working level.

This model also allows you to choose from one of the three speed settings available. These settings are normal, gentle, and spill pick-up. These help to make sure that the SpinScrub performs well on different types of surfaces. You can easily adjust between these settings (located on the head of this carpet cleaner) to ensure that you use the right one for your job.

The brushes of this SpinScrub model are made of durable fibers. These fibers help to get deeply into the carpeting or fabric to remove stains in them. In fact, the brushes use SpinScrub technology to accomplish this. The SpinScrub technology helps the brushes to rotate in different directions to help remove the stains. This technology performs well when doing this which is why many people consider this carpet cleaner to be one of the best for stain removals.

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While the SpinScrub performs well, it can be a little difficult to work with sometimes. For instance, the SpinScrub tends to be a little on the short side. This might make it difficult to move around and hold. However, it does have a wide cleaning range with its head. This is very convenient as it will work to remove stains in a wide range. The power cord length is also long enough to let you easily move this product around without having to constantly unplug the cord and put it in different electrical outlets.

The size of the tanks of this carpet cleaner is also good. You want to have a carpet cleaner that has large tanks and this model does. Big tanks will help to hold a large amount of water. This will help to prevent you from having to constantly fill and refill them when cleaning. The SpinScrub Carpet Cleaner has large tanks such as this which helps make it an even more convenient carpet cleaner model.

Besides easy working convenience, this carpet cleaner is also easy to assemble. Some carpet cleaners can be a little difficult to do so as they come with many parts and confusing instructions. However, the SpinScrub Carpet Cleaner is easy to assemble. You just need to attach a few parts together before using it.


There are many accessories that come with this SpinScrub Carpet Cleaner. It comes with an 8 ft. hose which you can use to help you better reach certain areas when cleaning. There are also upholstery and stair tools that come with this model. You can attach these tools to the hose so you can easily clean these surfaces. A nozzle cleaning tool also comes with this carpet cleaner. You can store these tools away in the tool storage that is built into this SpinScrub Carpet Cleaner.

Besides the tools listed above, the SpinScrub comes with a bottle of detergent that you can use with it. This way you don’t have to worry about making an extra purchase or whether you’ll buy the right detergent for this SpinScrub model.

Warranty and Support

The warranty of the Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub is one year. If you have any questions or need to contact the brand, you can easily find support on their website. You can also call the number that is usually on a sticker that is placed on the SpinScrub. This brand also helps you find a repair center if your SpinScrub Carpet Cleaner ends up breaking. This is very helpful as you don’t have to search for one yourself to see if they will repair this model for you.

To help you better understand how to best use your carpet cleaner, be sure to read the instructions of this model. The SpinScrub Carpet Cleaner instructions are easy to read and will help better explain how you can best use it.

Overall, the warranty and support that this carpet cleaner model has are very good. The warranty helps cover many different parts of this product and if you have any problems with your model you can easily contact the brand for answers.


The SpinScrub Carpet Cleaner comes with many ideal features. It is one of the best carpet cleaners on the market because it performs well when removing stains and water. It also is easy to use and will let you move it around to many different areas thanks to its long power cord.

This carpet cleaner also comes with removable brushes. This is a very helpful feature as it will help you to better clean them and remove any leftover dirt and detergent in them before your next clean.

Another great thing about this carpet cleaner is that it comes with a tool mode. You can activate this tool mode to help stop the brushes from rotating so you can use this model on hardwood floors. The tool mode will help to prevent these brushes from destroying the finish on them.

As mentioned above, this model is also easy to assemble. This is a good thing as many carpet cleaners do tend to be a little difficult in this area. If you don’t assemble a carpet cleaner correctly, it could end up not working properly or even ruining the surface it is cleaning. The SpinScrub Carpet Cleaner doesn’t have this problem though. It’s quick and easy to assemble.


While this carpet cleaner is ideal in many ways, it does have some drawbacks. As mentioned above, one con is that moving this carpet cleaner might be a little difficult due to it being a little short. It stands at about 3 ft. For some, this might not be an issue but for others it might be. This can end up making moving it around a little hard.

This carpet cleaner also doesn’t come with special tools that you can use to clean up pet fur. This can also make it a little difficult for you to fully clean surfaces that are covered in fur.

Something to Keep In Mind with a Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaners work to remove dirt from surfaces and to clean them. Some, such as the SpinScrub Carpet Cleaner, use detergent to help accomplish this. While the detergent is helpful, make sure it isn’t filled with chemicals. The SpinScrub will often come with its own detergent, but other detergents can be filled with harmful and irritating chemicals. This can cause allergens and chemical residue to be left behind after using a certain detergent. To prevent this from happening, be sure to use a detergent with your SpinScrub model that isn’t created with numerous chemicals.


The Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub is one of the top carpet cleaners on the market. It offers many features such as SpinScrub technology and deep cleaning.

This model is one of the best for stain removals as it has many brushes that move quickly around to give your surfaces a deep clean.

It’s also great to use on furniture. The upholstery tool will work to remove any unsightly stains on it. With all of this, it’s easy to see why the Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub model is one of the best carpet cleaners.

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