The Best Vacuums for Carpet Of 2018

If you’re shopping for a new vacuum for carpet, you should know that cleaning carpets can be a hassle sometimes. Indeed, one of the hardest areas to clean in the home is carpeting.

Carpets can contain allergens, which can cause respiratory problems. They can also hide dirt and stains. We've been testing carpet vacuum cleaners for four years and over 140 hours, cleaning many kinds of messes from multiple types of flooring.

All of them have a great performance on carpet and hard surfaces. These vacuum cleaners also include cordless vacuums and upright models that can help make carpet cleaning much easier.

Carpet Vacuums Review 2018

We’ve compiled a list of the vacuum that we think are the best for carpeted floors and for common situations.

Product NameWeightDimensionsColor 
Hoover Vacuum UH7240013 lbs.14 x 12 x 37 inchesBlack Check Price
iRobot Roomba 88015 lbs.14 x 14 x 4 inchesBlack Check Price
Eureka Easy Clean4 lbs.5 x 10 x 44 inchesBlack/Yellow Check Price
Dyson V6
(Editor’s Choice)
5 lbs.8.3 x 47 x 8.1 inchesPink Check Price
Eufy RoboVac 117 lbs.13 x 13 x 3.1 inchesBlack Check Price
Bissell 9595A15 lbs.13 x 14 x 44 inchesBlack/Purple Check Price
Dirt Devil
(Best Budget)
9 lbs.10 x 11 x 44 inchesRed Check Price
Hoover FH5015026 lbs.21 x 14 x 22 inchesRed/Black Check Price
Bissell 86T353 lbs.21 x 11 x 42 inchesGreen Check Price
Shark Rotator13.2 lbs.12 x 12 x 46 inchesBlue Check Price
Dyson V86 lbs.10 x 9 x 49 inchesSilver/Yellow Check Price
Eureka Airspeed Unlimited16 lbs.14 x 13 x 44 inchesCopper Check Price

1. Hoover Vacuum UH72400 – Best Overall


Hoover UH72400 is made with a bagless design for carpet cleaning. It features a steerable technology built into it to help make moving it around much easier.

This technology will allow you to twist the vacuum’s handle in the direction you’d like to go and the vacuum’s body will easily turn to that direction.

This model also has a WindTunnel 3 technology feature which helps the vacuum’s rollers get deep into the carpet to remove any dirt, stains, and allergens.

In fact, this technology has 3 channels of suction to help completely remove any dirt and allergens in your carpeting. As you move from wood to carpeting (or vice versa) you can press an on/off switch near the handle.

This will activate the Multi-Floor brushroll so the vacuum’s rollers work properly depending on the type of flooring you are currently cleaning. This model also comes with a 2-in-1 crevice tool.

One part of this tool will work to clean carpet crevices and corners while the other mode will work to collect dust. This dust mode can be used on things like furniture and curtains.

  • This is a lightweight vacuum for carpet cleaning.
  • It’s a very basic option.
  • If you’re a consumer looking for an affordable model, this is a good one.
  • It doesn’t have a locking feature when you put it upright. This could cause it to fall over if it’s not securely put in place.

This upright model is ideal for consumers who are looking for a lightweight vacuum that has is easy to use. It comes with helpful technology built into it to help make it easier for you to steer it around to clean. It also comes with helpful tools to get into crevices where many other vacuums can’t reach.

2. iRobot Roomba 880 - Best Model for a Deep Clean


iRobot Roomba 880 has a sleek black design and is filled with some of the latest technology. It comes with iAdapt multi-room navigation. This allows the vacuum to move around the room carefully thanks to sensors built into it.

These sensors will prevent it from running into walls. You can also clean carpets in up to 3 rooms at once thanks to the Virtual Wall Lighthouse beacons built into it. These beacons will help guide the vacuum to the rooms you want clean.

It will also prevent the product from going into certain rooms if you don’t want it to. You’ll also find an AeroForce 3-stage cleaning performance system in this model. This allows the vacuum to clean carpets more while moving over your carpeting and hardwood floors.

On the side of this model is a spinning side brush which helps to get into edges and corners. The extractors built into this model are also tangle-free which helps to prevent clogs from occurring.

Also included in this model is an AeroForce High-Efficiency filter which will help to prevent allergens and dirt from escaping once it is vacuumed up.

Using this model is very simple. You just need to press the clean carpet button which is located on the top to start it. The vacuum will then move around and clean carpets in the areas that you stored into its system. Once it is done cleaning this model will move back to its charging station and self-charge itself until it needs to be used again.

  • It is a very powerful model. It will instantly suck up any debris on the ground, including invisible elements like allergens.
  • This device can be scheduled to do carpet cleaning at a certain time.
  • This model works on all floor types.
  • It is a compact model.
  • The iRobot XLife Extended Life Battery helps this product run much longer.
  • While it has a helpful navigation system, it can sometimes bump slightly into walls.

iRobot Roomba 880 is filled with some of the latest technology to help give it a great cleaning performance. In fact, you don’t even have to clean carpets with it yourself. You can pre-set this model to clean carpets on its own at certain times and in certain rooms. It can easily navigate around obstacles so it can better clean your living space.

3. Eureka Easy Clean - A Lightweight Carpet Vacuum Option


This model is a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner model. This means you can use it as an upright vacuum or as a handheld one. Because of this, it will help make it easier for you to clean stairs and furniture much easier.

You’ll also find an on/off brushroll feature. This feature can use activated to tell the vacuum when it’s cleaning a carpet or hard flooring.

This can prevent the brushrolls from scratching hard flooring and make sure that they pick up dirt and other debris on carpets. The head of this vacuum has a 10 inch cleaning path and is bagless.

This means you won’t have to worry about having to invest in cleaning bags to use it. The brushroll feature is located on the top of the model. You can switch this button to off, floors, or carpets.

After cleaning your floors, you can remove the debris from its dust cup. This dust cup is easy to use and can be emptied with the press of a button. This model has a 15 ft. power cord which will help make is easier for you to move around to clean.

It also features a telescopic handle, which you can remove the vacuum to reach high areas like the tops of cabinets or even dust boards. When you’re doing using this model, you can push the body forward which will lock it in place.

Because this is an upright vacuum, you won’t have to worry about it falling over when you lock it. It will stay secure until you release the body from the vacuum again to clean.

  • This is an affordable model for consumers so you won’t break the bank by investing in it.
  • It’s a lightweight option. This makes it perfect for those who need to carry it around often to clean carpets or need to use it to clean stairs.
  • The dust cup of this model is washable. This will allow you to continuously use it without having to invest in others for each use.
  • The telescopic handle is long enough to reach many areas.
  • The handle of this model can be a little difficult to navigate sometimes.
  • It can be a little loud while running.
  • The brushrolls can sometimes clog. You’ll have to be careful to watch this or your carpets might end up not being fully cleaned.

This easy-to-use upright and handheld vacuum has a powerful suction ability. It can be used as either a regular vacuum cleaner or as a handheld one. This makes it a versatile option for those who are looking to invest in a model that can be used in various areas and to clean stairs.

Its telescopic handle will make it easy for you to reach high areas and prevent you from having to bend down to clean lower areas like edges. The dust cup is also simple to use and is easy to empty and clean out. This model is ideal for consumers looking for a lightweight model that has a great performance on carpets and rugs.

4. Dyson V6 - A Model That Can Easily Clean Pet Hair Up


This cord-free vacuum is built with a powerful motorhead. This motorhead is designed to help it have a great cleaning performance on all floor types.

It can make moving from carpeting to hard flooring (or vice versa) much easier. Inside this motorhead is a direct-drive cleaning head.

This is filled with specially designed bristles to help give your carpeting a deep clean. This deep clean can help to pick up dirt and allergens that are hiding in it.

You’ll find that this vacuum has up to 20 minutes of continuous suction. The suction of this model is powerful and can easily pick up debris on your floors.

You can activate this vacuum by pressing a trigger located on the handle. This trigger is easy to use and once you let go of it the vacuum will immediately stop working. This model also has a hand-held mode.

You can detach part of the vacuum so you can easily move around to clean stairs and furniture. This model also comes with a crevice tool. This tool can help you get into small edges and difficult to reach areas to better clean them.

  • It is a powerful option. Its suction ability can easily pick up allergens and dirt from your carpeting.
  • This model is lightweight so you can easily use it to clean stairs.
  • It can be used safely on hard flooring.
  • Besides a crevice tool, it also comes with a soft dusting brush. This brush can help you to dust off sensitive areas like keyboards and tables.
  • It runs quietly. You won’t have to worry about loud and annoying noises occurring while cleaning with it.
  • It can be used with floor to ceiling cleaning thanks to its long handle.
  • It is a little expensive.
  • While it works well on carpeting you have to watch the type of carpeting. Sometimes certain types (like shag carpeting) aren’t cleaned well by this vacuum. They can also sometimes be sucked into it. If you vacuum on carpeting other than stiff and secure types, you need to cautious.
  • The motor can blow some hot air while running. If you use the handheld mode be careful not to put it near your face.
  • It only runs for about 20 minutes on a full charge. This is due to it focusing on having a powerful suction which most of its energy goes to.

This model is simple and easy to use. It’s cord-free so you won’t have to worry about having to use it near an outlet. It has a powerful suction which will help to completely remove and dirt and other particles from your carpeting. The bristles of this model will also work to get deeply into the carpeting to lift these particles up.

Its crevice tool is also helpful to get into hard to reach areas that might otherwise be missed. Because of these features, this vacuum is ideal for consumers who are looking for one to help remove allergens. This product can easily do so and helps to keep allergens and dirt out of your carpets.

5. Eufy RoboVac 11- A Powerful Robotic Vacuum


As a robotic vacuum, it incorporates an advanced brushless motor that runs at 1000Pa. This motor helps it to run quietly and powerfully. It has a dual anti-collision system built into it.

This system uses 11 sensors and a pressure-sensitive bumper to help prevent it from running into furniture and walls. It also has a drop-sensing technology built into it which will help to prevent the vacuum from falling.

For instance, if you have it vacuuming near your staircase, this technology will help to sense that and prevent the vacuum from going any further near the edge.

This model has a 3-point cleaning performance system. This system uses an edge, spot, and max function. It does this with its side brush, rolling brush, and suction.

This feature will work to have the vacuum clean the edges of the room, certain sports, and then the entire room with its 3 brushes. It will work to clean your floors with its powerful suction. This will help with removing all dirt and debris from your carpets.

This model also has a HEPA filter built into it. This filter will work to filter out the allergens and dirt so they don’t somehow escape after they have been vacuumed up. To start this model you just need to press the start button on its body. It will then get to work cleaning your floors.

  • It’s made with a strong anti-scratch glass housing. This will help to prevent it from having unsightly marks on it if something accidentally bumps against it.
  • It is a quiet model. You won’t have to worry about it running loudly while cleaning.
  • This model is very powerful. It uses a Li-Ion battery which allows this vacuum to clean carpets up to 1.5 hrs. on a full charge.
  • After cleaning it will automatically charge itself after going back to its charging station.
  • It is a little expensive due to it being a robotic vacuum.
  • This model needs 2 AAA batteries to run but doesn’t come with it. You’ll need to make sure you have some on hand in order for it to run.
  • This product does not work well on high-pile carpeting and dark floors. Be sure to not use it on these surfaces or it could ruin both the surface and your vacuum.

Eufy RoboVac 11 uses some of the latest technology to help make it give you a great cleaning performance. It will use its powerful suction to remove debris from your floors. You won’t have to worry about it bumping your walls or furniture thanks to its many sensors.

This product is also good at removing allergens and preventing them from escaping from the vacuum with its HEPA filter. Its brushless motor is specially made to help this model run quietly as it cleans which helps to prevent it from running loudly.

If you’re willing to invest a little in a robotic vacuum model that will give you a fantastic performance, you should definitely consider this one. It’s easy to use and will get the job done.

6. Bissell 9595A - Best Value


Bissell 9595A uses a One Pass Cleaning technology. This technology allows you to only have to vacuum a certain area once. This is due to its specially made brushes.

These brushes work to get deeply into the carpeting to release and remove dirt, allergens, and other debris in it. To fully remove these particles, it has a Multi-Cyclonic System. This system has a powerful suction which will help to remove the debris from your carpeting.

The vacuum will suck up this debris to its large dirt bin. When you need to remove the dirt from this bin you can do so by pressing the button on it to release the bottom of the bin.

This model uses a multi-level filtration system. This helps to separate the debris that is sucked up into the vacuum. It also helps to prevent the debris from escaping. You can also wash the foam tank filter in this model.

This will help to remove any particles left behind so everything stays clean. This model uses a 25 ft. power cord which helps make it easier for you to move around while cleaning. To turn this vacuum on or off you can use the power switch which is located on the side of it.

A dusting brush, extension wand, and crevice tool also come with this model. The dusting brush is ideal to use on objects like lamp shades. The extension wand will help to make cleaning high and low areas easier. You can use the extension wand and crevice tool together. This will help to give it a good cleaning performance on things like dust boards.

  • It is an affordable option for consumers to invest in.
  • Besides the tools mentioned above, this model comes with a Turbobrush tool. You can use this tool to clean stairs and furniture.
  • This is a lightweight model. This helps make it easy for you to move it around.
  • It is a powerful option. It can easily remove dirt and other debris from your floors without leaving particles behind.
  • Sometimes it can be difficult to remove the debris from the dust bin. You might need to help remove some of it yourself.
  • The hose of this model is a little short. This might make it a little difficult for you to reach certain areas while cleaning.

If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful machine, definitely check this model out. Its Multi-Cyclonic System helps to completely remove dirt and allergens from your carpets. It also uses brushes that rotate to get deeply into the carpet’s fibers to remove these harmful particles.

Because it is so powerful, you won’t have to worry about going over certain areas twice to fully clean it. The power cord is also long enough to help you easily move it around without having to constantly having to change outlets. Due to all these features, it is one of the top models to definitely consider investing in.

7. Dirt Devil UD20015- Good for Small Spaces


Dirt Devil UD20015 has an 11-inch cleaning path, which helps to reach a wide area as you clean. It also has a 20 ft. power cord which will help you to easily clean carpets without having to constantly plug and re-plug it. This model uses a cyclonic filtration system.

This system gives this vacuum a strong suction which helps to remove dirt and other debris from your carpeting. Besides this, it also has a scuff guard. This allows this model to safely move from hard flooring to carpeting (or vice versa) easily.

You won’t have to worry about the wheels or vacuum head scratching your floors. To help make cleaning even easier, it has an 8 ft. stretch hose. This hose will help you to reach high and low areas so you can clean them better.

This model also has a telescopic handle. This handle can help you reach certain cleaning areas much easier. This handle is also easy to hold so it won’t be difficult for you to use it.

It uses a HEPA Media Filtration system which helps to prevent allergens from escaping after they are vacuumed up. When you go to empty the dust bin you just have to press a button to release the bottom of the bin. This will allow the dirt inside to easily remove itself from the bin.

  • It’s an affordable model for consumers to invest in.
  • The suction is powerful It will instantly remove allergens and dirt from your carpeting.
  • It’s lightweight. This will help make is easier for you to move it around while cleaning.
  • You can safely use it on hard flooring thanks to its Scuff Guard. It won’t leave behind scratches and other marks on it. It also won’t remove your hard flooring’s finish.
  • This product comes with a crevice tool and dust brush. You can use the crevice tool to reach edges and other hard to reach areas. The dust brush can be used to remove dust from objects like tables and TVs.
  • You might need to empty the dust bin a lot. This might end up being a little time-consuming.
  • It can be a little loud while running.
  • The cord might be a little short while you clean in some areas. This is why it’s ideal to use in smaller spaces.
  • It might clog a little. You’ll have to watch it to make sure this doesn’t happen. Otherwise it might not be able to deeply clean carpets with it.

This model is a simple and small vacuum cleaner that’s ideal for consumers to use in small spaces. It’s easy to clean with and its dust bin can be easily emptied with the press of a button. The power cord of this model is long enough to help make moving around with it easier in some rooms.

It can also be safely used on hard flooring with scratching them and comes with a HEPA filter to help remove allergens from your carpeting and flooring. If you’re looking for a model that is easy to use and can help you clean hard to reach areas, be sure to check this vacuum cleaner out.


Hoover FH501500 is designed to help make carpet cleaning simple. It features a special SpinScrub Technology. This technology allows it to do a deep 360 degree cleaning with its counter-rotating brushes.

After getting a good cleaning performance with these brushes you can remove them to clean them off. The Smart Tank system of this model helps make it easy for you to fill and empty its dual tanks.

These dual-tanks works to help separate the clean and dirty water/soap so they don’t mix together. It also has a Wash/Rinse Selector Wash feature.

This feature will allow you to clean carpets with either just water or water and soap. It has forced heated air in the cleaning head to help dry your carpets faster so they aren’t damp.

You can use this upright vacuum cleaner’s 8 ft. hose to help you clean corners and other hard to reach areas. It also comes with an upholstery tool you can use that attaches to hose to clean pet hair from your furniture. (Check our list of best vacuum for pet hair)

This hose has a Dual V nozzle which helps to suck up the water and soap that was applied to your carpet. When you need to move this carpet cleaner around you can do so with the model’s 4 easy access handles. These handles are located on various areas of this model to help make picking it up easier.

  • This upright carpet cleaner is surprisingly lightweight. You can easily pick move it around and even pick it up to use while you clean stairs.
  • It uses an Automatic Detergent Mixing system to help create a strong water and soap mixture for carpet cleaning.
  • It comes with a special stair and crevice tool that helps to make it easier for you to clean stairs and corners.
  • The suction of this model is powerful. It won’t leave behind water and soap in your carpets.
  • You’ll need to use a bit of soap in this model for it to fully clean carpets.
  • It can sometimes leak a little while running.
  • Sometimes the brushes might clog. This is especially true if you clean pet hair up. You’ll need to watch to make sure the brushes are still working properly to clean your carpeting.

: It’s lightweight and can be used on various surfaces which makes it a versatile option. This model’s SpinScrub technology helps its brushes to reach deeply into your carpeting. This technology can help it to fully remove dirt, allergens, and stains from it.

It also can clean pet hair up easily. Its suction is powerful and it has a special heating system to help make sure that your carpets aren’t left soaking wet. If you’re looking for a lightweight carpet cleaner that will work to fully clean and remove particles from your carpets, this model is ideal.

9. Bissell Professional 86T3 - Best Design


Bissell 86T3 is designed so consumers can do carpet cleaning with a professional touch. It has a deep clean feature to help get into every fiber of your carpet to remove dirt from it and even clean pet hair from your carpets.

You can use its forward and backward pass to help with removing stains and dirt. This forward and backward ability also helps to save time with cleaning. It can move in one spot in both directions which helps to clean it faster and dry it quickly.

Its rotating dirt lifter power brushes works to get into the carpet to remove particles from it. As it picks up the dirt and allergens while carpet cleaning, these particles will be sucked up into the carpet cleaner’s large water tanks.

These water tanks are able to keep the dirty and clean water separated to avoid them mixing together. These tanks are removable and easy to fill and clean.. This will help you to monitor the current soap and water levels so you can see when you need to empty and re-fill the tanks.

Bissell 86T3 will alert you when the tanks are full or empty. This will help to prevent you from having to constantly monitor the levels yourself.

This model has a 9 ft. long reach hose. This will allow you to reach corners and clean stairs. It also has a special 6 ft. stairs tool so cleaning them can be easier. It features an adjustable handle which you can use to help make moving this product around effortless.

  • The tanks are large. This will prevent you from having to constantly empty and re-fill them.
  • Besides the stairs tool, it also comes with a tough stain tool. This will help you to clean hard to reach areas as well as quickly remove stains.
  • It comes with a Bissell 2X Professional Deep Cleaning formula.
  • It is a rather expensive model.
  • This product can be a little heavy. This might make it a little difficult for some people to move it around.
  • Sometimes you’ll have to go over certain areas twice in order for them to be fully clean.
  • The suction isn’t as powerful as some might like it to be.

Bissell 86T3 is great for those who want a deep clean for their home’s carpets. Its adjustable handle will make it easy for anyone to move it around. It also holds a large amount of water thanks to its large tanks.

10. Shark Rotator Life-Away - Best Carpet Model to Help Clean Pet Hair


Shark Rotator Life Away has a 2-in-1 feature. It can be used as a regular upright vacuum or as a handheld one. You can use the handheld function to clean stairs or the floors in your vehicle to remove stains.

This model can also be used on both carpets and hard flooring. The switch on the handle can be used to activate the brushrolls or turn them off, depending on the current surface you are cleaning.

Its motor cleaning head measures 10.5 inches wide and features LED lights. These LED lights can help make cleaning under dark surfaces easier so you can see the vacuum’s path and where it needs to clean more.

This upright vacuum model has an Above-Floor mode which you can use. This allows you to use the wand that comes with this vacuum to clean high areas like wall corners and the tops of cabinets.

It also has a dust-away hard flooring attachment. This will help it to clean hard flooring safely and remove any particles that might otherwise be left behind.

The dust cup of this model can hold up to 0.9 quarts of substances. This dust cup also has a HEPA filter which helps to filter out allergens. In fact, this model uses Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology to help it remove allergens from your floors and ensure they don’t escape.

This model has a 30 ft. cord which is reasonably long and can help you easily clean areas without having to constantly move to different outlets.

  • It is a compact and lightweight option.
  • This upright vacuum model comes with 1 washable microfiber pad. You can use this to help clean hard flooring.
  • It comes with a pet power brush. This will help to clean pet hair up easily.
  • This product is easy to steer.
  • It is a little expensive. Consumers will have to take this into consideration before buying.

It is specially designed to help remove allergens and clean pet hair from your floors with its HEPA filter and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology. The LED lights are also a very helpful feature as they allow you to easily see under objects. This model is ideal for consumers who are looking for a vacuum cleaner that will completely remove allergens and stains from their carpeting.

11. Dyson V8 - A Model with a Strong Suction


Dyson V8 features the engine and canister on the top of the handle. This can help you see the contents easier and know when to empty it. This cord-free upright vacuum can run for up to 40 minutes on a full charge.

If you’re using the floor tool attachment that comes with it this model will run for 25 minutes. You can press the trigger on the handle to power this vacuum on.

When you’re done cleaning you can simple release the trigger which will instantly stop this vacuum from running. This product has 15 2-tier radial cyclones which helps to create a powerful air flow.

This upright vacuum model uses a digital V8 motor in this direct-drive cleaner head. This head has power bristles that help to remove dirt and other particles from your carpets.

If you’d like one area of your carpets to be especially deeply cleaned, you can use its Max Power Mode.

It comes with a special hygienic dirt ejector. This helps to make emptying the dirt bin easy and quick. This model also uses a HEPA filter to help prevent allergens collected from escaping as you collect and remove particles from the dirt bin. You can use this model as either an upright vacuum or a handheld one.

  • It uses a special docking system. You can use this to store and charge your vacuum cleaner. This system will also hold the attachments that come with this model.
  • This model runs quietly.
  • It needs to be charged at least 4 hrs. before you can use it.
  • The handle can sometimes be difficult to hold and move.
  • It doesn’t come with a hose.
  • Even though it’s intended to run for 40 minutes, the battery life can be a little shorter.

Dyson V8 is created with a unique design to help make cleaning and removing stains easier. It comes with an easy-to-use handle trigger that will start and stop this machine. The air flow and suction power of this product are also fantastic.

It will lift up and remove any particles from your carpeting so they fresh and new. This model is ideal for consumers looking for a vacuum with a powerful suction that can be used cord-free.

12. Eureka Airspeed Unlimited - Best for Home Use


Eureka Airpeed Unlimited features a Smooth-Glide pivoting base, which helps you to use it on all floor types. It comes with a brushroll feature you can use depending on the surface you are cleaning.

Its soft rubber wheels help to prevent scratches from occurring if you clean on hardwood floors. The Air Speed technology built into it allows the vacuum to have a powerful suction.

It will suck up the particles on your flooring to its multi-cyclonic dust cup. This dust cup is easy to empty and is washable.

You can easily move around with this model thanks to its 27 ft. long power cord. It also has a 12 ft. stretch hose which you can use to reach high or low areas to clean them. When you are done using this machine you can use its automatic cord rewind feature. This is where you can press a button on the vacuum’s body so the cord quickly wraps itself back into the vacuum.

  • It has a high-efficiency allergen filter built into it.
  • This model comes with a crevice tool, dust brush, and a stair/upholstery turbo nozzle.
  • The handle has a 5 setting height adjustment feature.
  • It can be a little difficult to push.
  • The canister might be a little difficult to remove.

If you’re looking for a simple vacuum for your home, this is a great choice. It features the basic features of a vacuum as well as some modern technology. Its soft rubber wheels allow you to safely glide it across hardwood floors. The cord rewind feature is also helpful so you don’t have to bend down and wrap the cord up yourself.


As you can see, there are many incredible vacuum cleaners for carpet cleaning on the market today for consumers. Each of the models highlighted in this article work well on many different surfaces and come with great features. Be sure to consider using one of these models to help make carpet cleaning much easier for you.  

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